IMG_8765 April 03

Not So General Assembly

The Santa Monica Junior Chamber of Commerce is not at all what it sounds like. I can see right through your medulla oblongata past that judgmental little breath (ahem…giggle) that you just drew. You’re thinking Sandra Dee on the beach – with a Mouseketeer sized beach ball – that just sailed over a group of preppies […]

beauty brains and bling March 31

Beauty Brains & Bling

  …AND BEYONCE! Well – not just yet. But this amazing workshop geared towards young female entrepreneurs, brought to you by Persona Program’s, Michelle Harris Collins, will have Queen B in attendance in no time. Mark our words. This effort is fierce. Heck, it’s Sasha Fierce. The Persona Program was created by Michelle in 2007, out of, […]

digihaute on digial la March 30

Fashion Week|Los Angeles

No need for any wordy explanations or introductions to why this week is near and dear to our hearts, pockets, and closets… LA Fashion Week was officially ‘ready to wear’ in 2002, but we all know that LA has had a place on the proverbial worldwide runway since Judy Garland clicked those ruby-red-slippers together and cried, […] March 21

The Meaning of Life – Remix

We’re shameless. And we have a new favorite startup. If you haven’t heard us out and about in Los Angeles (or online…loudly) bragging about Co-Founder & CEO, Linda Franco of MACHINA, well then – you haven’t been listening. The gist: MACHINA is an advanced wearable technology brand launched in 2012. The company is founded on the belief […]

digerati February 28

Digital Get Down

Some people have an uncanny way of always putting themselves in circles of people that are on the next big frontier. They don’t push their way in and they don’t coast their way in. They just wouldn’t feel at home in any other sort of crowd. These are the Digerati, and they are the frontier. This […]

Photo courtesy of Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, U of T February 22

Come on, Mann | Tarado del Mes

*DISCLAIMER: BECAUSE SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO JUST VENT Steve Mann starts out this week’s MIT Technology Review post with, “Many of us who use a wearable computer to augment our vision have come to rely on it as our normal way of seeing, understanding, and making sense of the world.” Come on, Mann. You and what army? […]

Photo courtesy of January 06

Stipsters Dream

I’m sure you’ve read about enough resolutions and new beginnings baloney to compete with your overload of family time and booze this season. So, I’ll cut right to the chase: It’s now officially 2014, and stipsters are trending. That’s right. I said it. Startup Hipsters. And I say it with a full-heart and sense of […]


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