CHIVE-ing off into the Sunset

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Good morning/afternoon, Digihaute fans and the sunshine of our lives! Today on DH we’re going to talk about sunsets! Andrew Karl and Danny Rice, Co-founders of @Venice_Sunsets (VS) took a little time out of their busy schedules being SoCal role-models and exhibiting model-behavior of social media influencers!

Andrew and Danny quickly realized there was an opportunity to share this habit of snapping moments of beauty and turn it into a passion, by socially-shelling out one sunset at time for anyone to treasure, no matter where they were in the world.

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DH: Start from the beginning…

VS: A green flash is not a myth but in fact an emerald colored jewel of natural phenomenon occurring in only the rarest of sunsets. The moment just before the sun dips under a distant horizon, the orb burns bright green. A relentless hunt for this green flare resulted in daily trips to the beach, and and addiction to beautiful vibrations and expressions of gratitude. VS was born millions of miles away in the fiery belly of our closest white-hot star.

DH: Do you have a certain process or algorithm that you can link your impressive social-media following and success to?

VS: Ultimately the formula is simple. We deliver what we promise. If you follow us, you will get beautiful sunset photos of world famous Venice Beach every day. People tend to understand this value proposition instantly.

Not without hard-work, innovative tactics, and of course the stunning muse that is Venice, Ca., VS gained tens of thousands of followers at a steady, admirable, and quite impressive pace, even for very recent new media standards. The team started showing up on the radar for Southern California Tech and Digital influencers like Digital LA’s, Founder and Managing Partner, Kevin Winston who featured them on a panel of Instagram experts this past spring.


Most recently, über popular (you know ‘em, we love ‘em) The Chive published VS as it’s #22 pick of top Instagram accounts to follow. How ’bout them apples?

VS: We initially didn’t know we had made their list. We just saw a waterfall of new followers. It was really cool. We’ve always been huge fans of The Chive, so it was super flattering they noticed all the hard work we put in every day.

DH: Ok boys, Instagram tips and tricks – spill ‘em. Let’s do this.

VS: HASHTAGS! They are the life-force of Instagram. Use the maximum 30 allowed in each post about relevant keywords for your brand or industry. There are plenty of hashtag generators out there. VBS uses Instag and TagsforLikes.

People who knew nothing of our brand, were able to find us and connect with the same passion points we have. I also think it’s important to ‘own’ a branded hashtag, so people can use it to rally around your brand like ours #venice_sunsets. It will start showing in hashtag generators if you have enough people using and growing the momentum.

Know what you stand for. Are you funny? Are your pictures dope? Do you only shoot old doors and gates? You have about one-second to catch people’s attention and one more second for them to understand what you’re about. In order for someone to follow you they must get something out of it; a value proposition.

No matter what you’re into, there are millions of people on Instagram who are passionate about the same thing and will welcome you as a voice in their community with a follow, so make it easy and make it clear.

DH: So what’s the end goal for VS?

VS: We’ve always had two main goals.

1. Bring people moments of solace with beautiful distractions.

2. Monetize the brand to give back to the community. Social responsibility is very important to us. It might sound silly, but we really believe it’s our way of contributing and leaving the world a little better and more beautiful place.

DH: So one final question for our sunset boys….DH wants to know, what’s the meaning of life?

VS: Obviously art, beauty, and spreading positive vibrations!


Digihaute’s @catmango’s first night out scoping sunsets with @Venice_Sunsets team in 2013. #nofilter

If you’d like to help VS spread good vibrations, you can hit them up at


Gladiators in Suits


There are two things we are thrilled about this fall.

One of them has already been announced. That’s right, Scandal Season Four is back next Thursday night, September 27th in all its glory and all its ludicrous love-making-in-a-White-House-closet plots. It’s ok if you don’t want to admit how excited you are, we can just feel it.

Digihaute staffers on the other hand, will be sitting shameless in front of the plasma with a glass of Pinot in the right hand, a bowl of light popcorn in the left hand, and our white hats sitting pretty on top of our perfectly quaffed hair. Huzzah.

The second thing we had to wait for the right time to scream from a mountaintop. That time is now.

October 22nd-24th, 2014 we’ll be heading to Athens, Greece where Founder, Cat Mangan will be at your service as Master of Ceremonies (MC – but it just sounds more ‘gladiator-like’ if you let us present it long form …) for the International Classified Media Association’s (ICMA): Marketplace Monetization Strategies Conference!

register here

For three full days of ICMA networking, we will be in the midst of C-Suite Social Media Bootcamps, Marketing Automation Labs, striking speaker sets, and “hipstering nights out on the town in Athens…” (gonna have to google that one to be prêt a porte – stay tuned).


Hey @icmaonline – is this hipster chic? Your emcee demands to know! Don’t refuse us our brand couture rights! (but for realsies – we wanna look cool in Greece, too.)


If you have any questions for your celebrity mentors already confirmed to be in attendance next month, (Pam Moore:, Rob Meadows:, Kenneth Anderson:, Martha de la Torre: EC Hispanic Media, Nick Sohnemann:, and more!) please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at with a wish list of questions, comments, or just general shout-outs.

icma logo

ICMA by design, is to make all of us, no matter where on the globe, in touch, on top of what’s trending, and who’s making the world turn with good old-fashioned storytelling and follow-through.

Digihaute is more than dedicated to step up to be your Gladiators in Suits for this one, and knock it out of the park for you #mediaprofs live via all social channels. And hey, the more you socialize live with us, the more you’ll be right there with us in Athens. Let’s be honest, living vicariously with the greatest of ease was why all of us got into new-media in the first place. Well, that and the Klout perks…but I digress.


If you want to go Greek this fall, but not as a college pledge this time, register ASAP and we will hardly be able to wait to meet you. At least we’ll be busy watching Scandal for the few weeks leading up to it…


We Dream in Color, We Dream in Code

Our *overzealous (please read: *endearing…) networking in the LA tech scene has recently spotlighted a small startup with full stack dreams – Sabio.

Sabio is a developer training program born out of necessitydesireand hope. The necessity of bringing more women and minorities into the world of technology. A desire to see a diverse workforce that’s vibrant and innovative. And a hope to uplift the communities that suffer from the highest rates of unemployment and worst educational resources to a higher socioeconomic status through technology training.

On September 6th, 2014 (venue TBA) we will be throwing a grand fiesta full of friends, family, virtual-family, social influencers, and more, so SAVE THE DATE! We will be celebrating the launch of our crowdfunding campaign on the all new Crowdismo platform, that when successfully funded will be sending hopeful students Ashley Lopez and Luis Rivera on full scholarships to Sabio’s upcoming Full Stack Developer and iOS program!

The Crowdismo campaign will officially go live the evening of the event, and it is our goal to raise the $10k tuition + $5k living expenses for both Ashley and Luis individually over the 30-day run of the campaign.

Now we know $30k is no small chunk o’ change. If your chin is on the floor, we don’t blame you but would like to offer to gently pick it up and remind you that we make this ask out of necessitydesire, and hope.

Besides, there are dozens of ways you can help, and we’re here to brainstorm even more with you! Come at us with all the ideas, questions, and suggestions you can to It can’t be said enough – Everything counts. Trust us. Or get involved by signing up with your event involvement/donation involvement here! We’re ready for you – and we’re ready to brag about you when this is all said and done.

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