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The faster our audiences grow, consume, and spend on the digital buyers floor, the harder we’re going to have to fight the quality > quantity melee.

I’d like to boldly go where lots of mad men have gone before and assume that a great deal of us in the media market (which agreeably sounds like meat market when mumbled) have had to take a heavy scouring hand to the amount of information we have on our sites, or manage on our clients’ sites.

There just comes a point [quite frankly] where a giant garbage heap of info starts stinkin’ up the content that customer traffic actually relates to or material that remotely drives visits.


Gillian Muessig melds more than two decades of traditional media marketing experience with the demands of the fast-changing SEO landscape. She is President and Co-Founder of Moz, which is (at its core quite frankly…) a beast of a success of an SEO-consulting company that has been around since 2004. She gets my vote for being able to lead a conversation when it comes to ‘breaking down the art of small business from the ground up’.

Joined earlier this year by Anne Kennedy as co-host of WebmasterRadio.FM’s CEO Coach Podcast, the duo has over 50 years of success in taking reluctant entrepreneurs by the hand and leading them to small-biz-beds-of-roses. When it comes to navigating the mumble-jumbled data depths and optimization heights of small biz, these two are ready to brush the dirt off your shoulder and tell it like it is.
martha and me

This Monday, June 30th, the dominant duo will welcome leader, colleague, and friend, Martha de la Torre, CEO of EC Hispanic Media to CEO Coach Podcast.

When the proverbial curtain rises at 1pm EST/10am PST, I suggest you tune in and turn-it-up for a convo that could just knock your business socks off.

But you don’t have to take my word for it…

Salvador Aceves, Co-Founder of Pulsoviral, and CTO of SocialDecode, sat down with us for a quiet one-on-one perspective of the differences between Mexico’s budding startup industry, and the current startup climate of the U.S.

We were able to sit with Sal on behalf of EC Hispanic Media, at a specifically unique time to pick his brain about this, as he was just about to hop a plane back to Mexico City after spending the last two weeks traveling in the U.S. for the very first time. He jet set from D.F. -> NYC -> ATL -> LAX. Hopping from one tech conference to another, Sal got a fire sale perspective on what we in the U.S. seem to be fashioning, “The New American Dream”.

Tell Us About It – Mexico’s Startup Economy

LA’s 1st Bitcoin ATMs Land Locali

We don’t mean to reuben-it-in, but this ain’t no two-bitcoin boy who cried wolf announcement. And yes, puns will abound, because we’re over the moons-over-my-hammy to tell you that local eatery and wheatgrass watering hole, Locali Conscious Convenience will be hosting the first Bitcoin machines that Los Angeles has ever experienced!

This past Friday the 13th, LA Times Biz Intern, Riley Snyder was the first to break the news of our favorite love child of 7-11 and Whole Foods, and their waiting-to-be-unveiled new toy story of the decade.


photo courtesy of @PaperclipRobot, veggie reuben-lover, and maker of the Bitcoin Keychain featured in TechCrunch

Riley’s virtual bio says, “Dropping science like Galielo dropped an orange.” So clearly, he’s in the in-crowd when it comes to dropping pop references like it’s hot. We’re glad he sniffed out Locali’s upcoming Robocoin launch, and hope his editors let him stop by for the best breakfast burrito in town, a pat on the back, and an opportunity to chat more about what this forward thinking co-founder duo has going on regarding disrupting not only LA’s restaurant scene, but it’s rapidly growing tech scene as well.


Meet co-founders Melissa Rosen and Greg Horos this week at Digital LA’s Silicon Beach Fest to pick their brain a little bit about Bitcoin (puns always intended). Melissa will be speaking on SBF’s Pay on the Go Panel this Thursday from 2-2:50pm at Santa Monica’s Cross Campus. Make sure to pull them aside for a picture and to hear about all the other wheels turning right now for the franchise. Melissa says,

“The addition of Robocoin operated by ZenBox to Locali’s offering is in line with the future forward, disruptive retail experience we’ve created through our health focused quick service restaurant brand.”

Find them right now for launch updates and other treats on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you have any other questions or inquiries about all the goings on, feel free to contact us and we’ll get you answers as soon as vegan-ly possible. Or you can reach out to…she’s always ready with a helping hand…


Kelley Coughlan, Managing Partner of Melrose PR managing Locali Venice grand opening event.



LA Welcomes 1st CTO

Peter Marx has his work cut out for him. As the rest of this crowd buzzes with excitement at Microsoft’s Playa del Rey offices, Marx couldn’t be more mild. His halcyon tone, in fact, reminds one of Mike Judge’s new infamous Silicon Valley characters: cartoonish-ish with an inclination of world-domination. And you best believe that is meant as a compliment.

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Fellow #eventprof and ninja, Kevin Lew, has just kicked it up a notch as Interim Director of Bixel Exchange: Emerging Tech Center at the L.A. Area Chamber. In his free time, he enjoys martial arts, reading, music and travel.

Lucky for us, Kevin doesn’t really have any free time and ends up putting on unparalleled LA community events like this one, tonight. Like I said – world domination.

peter marx prof

Here are our Top 5 Takeaways from the evening. Mark this one in the history books, folks.


“The [LA] city government is based upon older paradigms…I hadn’t seen as much paper as I have in a while.”


“The biggest web traffic that we have for the city of LA is the library…followed by the LAPD, the LA city parks, and all that…If you think about the user experience, it really comes down to the fact that people interact with us online today in the library.”


“If you will – when you start to look at forward technology strategies, these are what we’re going to have to deal with. In the mean time…we’re gonna have some fun.” – on consumer connectivity to their automobiles and dealing with traffic in the meantime while tech advances


“The city of Los Angeles is just not homogeneous. It’s got a lot going on. Tech investment into the city has been – somewhat squeezed…working with all other 87 cities, it can do a lot to help all of us.”


“LA’s specialites are on creativity, and it really comes down to this…I sort of joke that technology comes to Los Angeles to become more human. We talk long term evolution…but it comes here and it becomes a service that is the fundamental for how people communicate.”

bixel exchange

Let’s get intimate with some roundtable sessions and live demos from some of LA’s hottest local tech start-ups who are changing the game at Bixel Exchange’s next event, Emerging Tech Salon – Digital Media. Wear your power pants and let’s light up this City of Angels.



Playing with Posh

Creating brand awareness for some of our favs, weaving-in-the-web, storming-the-brain-baubles, and playing with Poshmark’s  new #FABB blogger widget has gotten our Monday back in style where it belongs!

We’re slowly building the proverbial “closet” with the best of the best in wearable tech for the classic gal with a modern twist. Think Grace Kelly meets Divergence. Because let’s be honest, Digihaute’s favorite position is CEO.

Check out our closet’s inaugural fashionable features: Machina, SUSU handbags, and pursecase! Stay tuned for more, and let us know in the comments or via social some of your favorite up-and-coming fashion & tech forward designers.

p.s. SUSU handbags just let us know they were so thankful for all your visits and holiday purchases yesterday with their coupon code: EASTER that they’ve extended their 30% off sale through midnight tonight PST! Just another manic Monday….

Not So General Assembly

The Santa Monica Junior Chamber of Commerce is not at all what it sounds like.

I can see right through your medulla oblongata past that judgmental little breath (ahem…giggle) that you just drew. You’re thinking Sandra Dee on the beach – with a Mouseketeer sized beach ball – that just sailed over a group of preppies eating cucumber sandwiches – and jumping into the back of their parents’ Chevy Corvette.

I saw Grease, too. And Grease II. But after harboring a little adolescent prejudice of my own, I’m here to tell you that not all coalitions of young professionals have to rock popped collars and carry around matching monogrammed tote bags.

IMG_8762When you run with the Jaycees, you’re looking to get into a whole new batch of what’s brewing in your community.

Let’s say, hypothetically that: you’re met at the door with a hug and a cold Heine, at the city’s hottest new global network campus for technology, business, and design

Ok, screw hypothetically – that just happened.

Tonight at General Assembly: Los Angeles, The Santa Monica Jaycees hosted their monthly membership meeting, and guest, Matthew Joseph, Chief of Stuff (aka Director of Investments & Operations) at Launchpad LA.


Now when your invite basically says, “There will be cold ones and tech celebrities”…you know I’ve already called “shotgun” at the TOP of my lungs. So here are my Top 5 Takeaways from Matthew Joseph, regarding the state of LA Tech and what you thought you knew…but that you might want to recharge:


“The fear of having your idea stolen is ALWAYS misplaced…I’m always really disappointed when I see those court cases…the reality is: Every idea has been taken.”


“People will take whatever’s in front of them in the startup world…they’re going to look at your business card and get back to you.” – on networking as a service provider


“Valuations for companies are pretty consistent through an ecosystem…it’s just a function primarily of location.”


“Up north…there’s more of a pack mentality…down here it takes a little longer.” – on what remains a strong differentiating factor between Silicon Valley and Socal Tech


“Learn what it takes to get more runway.” – on the #1 deciding factor when choosing a tech accelerator or incubator program


Want to learn more? Already part of the Socal Tech Community and want to SAY more? Please leave your comments or any questions you may have for Matthew and we’ll follow up!

To request more info on membership or community involvement with the Santa Monica Jaycees, contact them directly here, or feel free to reach out to us at Digihaute and we’ll put you in touch with the powers that be.


Beauty Brains & Bling



Well – not just yet. But this amazing workshop geared towards young female entrepreneurs, brought to you by Persona Program’s, Michelle Harris Collins, will have Queen B in attendance in no time.

Mark our words. This effort is fierce. Heck, it’s Sasha Fierce.

The Persona Program was created by Michelle in 2007, out of,

“…a passion to inspire and empower youth on being prepared to actualize their dreams.”

As we all know, entrepreneurship is just an elemental-system-operating-desire that we wake up with one morning. Fact: That doesn’t mean that it’s an easy dream to facilitate on one’s own.

Supporting young children with the essential tools that build a firm foundation is a necessity in all of our eyes and hearts. Michelle is actively attending to that urgency, and continues to climb with ambition and contagious excitement for the event series.

Each program and event features practical skills, personal knowledge and professional advice to support our youth as they mature into productive citizens. Stay tuned for more workshops and Persona Program’s grand plans to slowly be revealed for 2015. Hint: You want IN.

beauty brains and blingA giant thanks to Digital Diva, Alaia Williams for the intro to Persona Program and the magic they’ve been stirring up in Southern California. You can see some of Alaia’s “Fairy-Godmother-like” flow in the footage from yesterday’s event. She led part of the afternoon workshop and was able to discuss “What Entrepreneurship Means to Me” with the attendees…the very small…but very powerful, attendees. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover -

…but you don’t have to take my word for it.

Find us with more questions for Michelle, and we’re also more than happy to connect you a step further, so don’t be shy!


Fashion Week|Los Angeles

digihaute on digial la

No need for any wordy explanations or introductions to why this week is near and dear to our hearts, pockets, and closets…

LA Fashion Week was officially ‘ready to wear’ in 2002, but we all know that LA has had a place on the proverbial worldwide runway since Judy Garland clicked those ruby-red-slippers together and cried, “There’s no place like the Catwalk!” (*Well – she might as well have).

We were lucky enough to catch up with our friends at Digital LA, you know ‘em we love ‘em (they featured @catmangan on the poster!), the largest networking organization for digital entertainment, fashion, and anything else that is trending digitally in LA and beyond. They’re like the peanut butter to our jelly.

This year, Digital LA held a “Fashion and Beauty Go Social” panel that dazzled Hollywood devotees, and we were there to catch all the red-rays.

Even though we were…fashionably late, we finally got to meet YoutuberJill Cimorelli & Mgr. Cassi Mink of Fullscreen fame, we won an iThigh gift certificate, and we were able to get our #selfies in with Digital LA’s Kevin Winston! All this before the Captain America premiere let out across Hollywood Boulevard from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Anyone already planning for their next Fashion Week experience? Let us know in the comments so we can follow up and see what you’re up to!


The Meaning of Life – Remix

We’re shameless. And we have a new favorite startup.

If you haven’t heard us out and about in Los Angeles (or online…loudly) bragging about Co-Founder & CEO, Linda Franco of MACHINA, well then – you haven’t been listening.

The gist: MACHINA is an advanced wearable technology brand launched in 2012. The company is founded on the belief that wearable tech will enhance our lives rather than disrupt, disconnect, and distract us by being functional, intuitive, and aesthetic. The founders at the core of MACHINA are constantly motivated by the idea of extending the life of their products by providing the booming wearable tech community with access to APIs.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 3.42.20 PM


Browse. Shop. Stalk L. Franco and ask her lots of questions…and for Jobs’s sake of entrepreneurship – do your due diligence and watch some of our interview footage from our latest visit to DF and their amazeballs startup culture.

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Oh and leave your comments. She’s awesome. You know you wanna talk about it…